Michael Friedwald

     As a sommelier at a NYC fine dining restaurant, I have had the pleasure of suggesting wines from one of the few 100 page Grand Award Winning wine lists in the world, a daunting task at times even to a trained expert. On most wine/liquor store websites, customers can be overwhelmed when having to decide or decipher (based on other people’s ratings) from hundreds to thousands of wines from all over the world. THIS IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE WAY TO CONSISTENTLY FIND THAT NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK WINE. 

     My inspiration was to make buying the absolute highest quality wine at normal wine shop retail prices less daunting, simpler, and more educational. Our Special-List website allows you to choose from a small, manageable selection that will totally eliminate the risk of buying even one bottle that doesn’t deliver balance, complexity and a truly special wine drinking experience. 

     For years, my goal as a sommelier was to move people away from the mainstream, brand-named wines that line shelves everywhere. With my new concept store and website that goal continues. To this day I smile when loyal customers tell me that they can’t go back to coach class wines now that they have sipped First Class!

Mike Friedwald